The next group played at the Azkena stage, smaller than the San Miguel one, which was opposite it, separated by 200 metres more or less. The big band in question was Mother Superior, a power trio that crushed the crowd. Their Hard Rock, almost Stoner for moments, got to wise the audience up quickly, this is a band to very bear in mind, such great songs and high quality. In spite of the technical problems that they suffered during the show, people liked them and were convinced, don’t miss the chance to see them, amazing.”

from: Space Rock Heaters

“All the bad thoughts I had disappeared just when Mother Superior took the stage, one of the bands which swept to victory with their very, very high live performance. I’ve never seen Rollins Band live, unfortunately, but now I know Henry is never wrong when he chooses his musicians. After releasing some independent albums “The Heavy Soul Experience of Mother Superior” and “Deep” they recorded “Get Some Go Again” with the Rollins Band. In 2002 their masterpieces start with “Sin”, an album which has absolutely part of everything and with an originality not very often seen in a power trio. This jewel is followed by another, “13 Violets” which is plenty of compositions that should reach the highest positions of any playlist of the world. They played a big amount of songs from “13 Violets”, the same as from “Sin”. “Jaded Little Princess”, “Fuel The Fire” and “Five Stars” sounded especially powerful, the audience got crazy with these songs like a pack of buffalos. Their live attitude consists of not stopping shooting hit song after hit song to the listeners and with such a repertoire they have is difficult that the show got miscarried to Marcus Blake and his boys. “Head Hanging Low” and “Queen of The Dead” will be kept in my memory until the happy day of my death.”

from Rock Angels

“And finally one of the bands which were really expected in the festival, Mother Superior, the old Henry Rollins’s band. Here is where the festival really began and it began really powerfully. The Californian trio show us a succulent setlist where shone songs from their last two records. A band which moves happily from Hard Rock to the more aggressive Blues, with some albums which are pure dynamite. Highlighted songs were “13 Violets”, “Pretty In The Morning” and “Fuel the Fire” where the crowd forgot completely that it was siesta-time and woke up the animal they had inside as if it was a discharge of adrenaline, and they were dragged by the frenetic and overwhelming rhythm of this band. The only trouble were the technical problems which happened at the beginning, that soon got solved meanwhile the crowd was getting impatient and waited anxious for the show to begin and meanwhile Jim Wilson was cheering the crowd up. Amazing staging and total devotion on the part of the three musicians that made of their show one of the most excellent ones of the festival. Yes, a great show, but I can’t understand why someone placed their show at this early hour.”

from Tot Rock

“The fact that people like The Last Vegas, The Mooney Suzuki, Velvet Revolver, 16 Horsepower or even Chris Robinson stood up the promoters of ARF 2004 made a lot of people think something was not working well. Automatically the sight of those who expected to receive some good sonic discharge that weekend were focused, in my humble opinion, on two bands: Mother Superior and on the re-born The Wildhearts. The first ones, playing in some conditions which could have been better, in broad daylight , they offered a show that we could define as standard. A set that made us looking forward to listening to the songs of their last record, “13 Violets” in a smaller space and in better conditions.”


In their edition of 2004, the Azkena Rock Festival has came up with surprises so touching and expected by many of us like the return of The New York Dolls, MC5, The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies and Urge Overkill, the first show in our lands of such a fantastic and dear band like Mother Superior, the visit of artists very recommended like Radio Birdman, Mark Lanegan, Turbonegro, The Silos, the eternally cool Fun Lovin’ Criminals and a very special final party dedicated to the memory of the immortal Johnny Cash. A real celebration of Rock in an event which every year has more power and that predicts once again- a very promising future.

The most solid power trio from Los Angeles

Almost without time for us to reach the stage, the power trio from Los Angeles attacked us with the song which gives name to the record of the year, “13 Violets”. Huge charisma, impeccable musicians and with an excellent ability to cope with a show. They didn’t need so much to get the audience eating out of their hands. If we bear in mind that they were looking forward to playing in our country, you could imagine what happened on stage. Apart from some new songs (which sounded wonderfully), they based their performance on the songs from the mentioned album and also from the explosive “Sin”. This is the big thing about of this band; like Drive-By-Truckers, they do not take 4 years to record a masterly album. Mother Superior is a band with an enormous talent, that knows how to absorb their influences and catalyse them giving them own identity. This is what someone can appreciate in their studio recordings, and that it can be noticed live listening to “Jaded Little Princess”, “Pretty In The Morning” or “Fuel The Fire”. Songs which expand their greatness live with the furious solos from a plethoric Jim Wilson, meanwhile Marcus and Matt cover his back without any trouble. Taking into account that this was their only date in this country, it was obligatory to come here to contemplate a classic of our time. Because that is what Mother Superior is. Maybe they will never get to sell millions of records, but this band is very, very big and time will end up placing them at the level of Mountain, Grand Funk Railroad and Humble Pie. We hope that they make a tour soon in our country.


After the unknown Bide Ertzean and having to make the shows last longer because of the cancellation of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, MOTHER SUPERIOR took the stage, the big surprise of the festival so far: energetic Blues Rock, almost Heavy, with a powerful and raw staging. In spite of the intense heat and having as a handicap the sun of the dusk just in front of them, the Americans could bear the situation: the poor guys turned as red as a beet but this didn’t take away any bit of colour (and sorry for the easy joke) to the show.


Mother Superior made their debut in our stages sounding heavier than some of us expected. Their show was a big one, plenty of attitude and convincing Rock and Roll.

from ALTA FIDELIDAD.ORG (w/ 2 pictures!)

“The guitar player Jim Wilson is awesome on stage thanks to those wicked movements with his Fender Strato, faded by the passing of time and the countless gigs, in a complete relationship of love and power. Mother Superior is something more than a Rock band: their 70’s debts to Zeppelin or The Who have not been forgotten. Marcus Blake in bass and Jason Mackenroth in drums formed the rest of the trio. They came to Azkena to present their last album “13 Violets”, but what they did was basically a run-through of their discography. They gave us huge songs like “Pretty In The Morning” from the magnificent and almost unsurpassable “Sin” (edited in 2002), with extra poses of Wilson playing with his guitar. Good sensations after having seen these phenomenon musicians above the highest.”


“The band of the “Get Some Go Again” tour of Henry Rollins proved too well that they do not need his mentor to transmit power. They are very good, practicing Blues Hard Rock, with fast and convincing metallic tones. Taking into account the hour they played at, they were very good, people appreciated it. This acceleration was useful to preheat the atmosphere because of the non-presence of Soundtrack Of Our Lives that disappeared without giving many reasons.”


“(…) After that, Mother Superior, from Hollywood, Henry Rollins’ accompaniment trio, unloaded a “maximum rhythm and blues” influenced by The Who and with winks to Hendrix and to Soul Music”


“In the first day we already started checking out the power of the L.A trio Mother Superior. They, who were part of the Rollins Band, radiated power (yes, they are very heavy) and enthusiasm despite the early hour.”


“After the acoustic show of Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart we went to see Mother Superior. Some of the best of the festival. 70’s style Rocking trio with a touch of Soul and quite virtuoso. It was such a pleasure to see them. Devotion and conviction although they played at an hour which was more suitable for tea-time”


“(…) Some minutes later, Mother Superior set very high standards with a Decalogue of Seventies Rock at subhuman volume. This dangerous trio from L.A. put into practice just what it says in page number one of the big shows’ handbook: playing with enthusiasm, having a great time and enjoying their own music. If someone had any doubt about them, you had them at your service taking a walk during the rest of the festival, something which is always nice”


“Just after that, “13 Violets”, the song which gives name to the last Mother Superior’s album, opened fire in the show of the guys from Hollywood, undoubtedly, one of the best of the festival. Working as a Soul power trio, they proved that they were playing at the wrong hour (if they had played at night the party could have been even bigger) and that without a doubt, it is one of those bands to pay attention to from the nowadays Hard Rock scene; it’s a pity they suffered sound difficulties, as did some other bands of that day. La madre superiora works like the big trios from the Seventies, with no fear of gigantism, with a certain space for instrumental developments, giving rise to a steamroller of Classic Rock that reaches its crucial point live; later they would show their affability walking among the crowd during the festival (who didn’t meet them any time?) The ones who have heard the recordings of their new album assure that it is the best one they have ever done: hooray for them.”

from Calzada News

“I do not know, for my was the second of the festival, after the presentation with New York Dolls. There were changes with respect to the anticipated thing, because The Soundtrack of our lives fell finally of the poster. To the first band which I saw went to Superior Mother, that was not of my affability, became too heavy and reason why it asks that way, it seemed to delight to the youngest public of the festival.”

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